Crayons + Puppies = No More Bad Day

It’s hard to be clever, witty, and especially funny on a day like today. You see, it started off as a pretty sad day for me because the research I put into my guest post on Domestic Type is still very much stuck in my head. Yes, it is that sad, you have been warned. It’s about Breed Specific Legislation, so basically, it’s about people being mean to puppies.

Then other tragedies happen, and pretty much everyone I know is a little bit in freak out mode, and that’s okay. That’s okay. It’s okay to be freaked out by horrible things. They are horrible after all. The important part is to keep on putting one foot in front of the other and kicking ass until the day is done and the bed sheets are cold from being left over the air conditioner vent. Yeah.. I’ve got some tricks.

But, then I forget to grab my Milky Way on my way back from lunch even though I had just freakin’ pulled it out of the freezer so it would be cold when I ate it. I really needed that chocolate this afternoon. The cold nugget would have been so damned nice going down. It would have made all the troubles (and stinky heat sweat) drip away in a cold, nearly frozen delight.

Alas, I am candy-barless. I am stuck in my tiny cubicle with an air conditioner vent that isn’t blowing anything resembling cold down on me. I’m covered in a thin sheen of sweat that makes paper stick to my arms.

I’m actually wearing shorts…

Anyway, on a day as crappy as today there is only one thing we can do…


Smile at this puppy drawing:



Also, if you want to, you can print it out and color it. I suggest with crayons.