Kansas City – The City that Breeds Creation

I love my city. I really do. I just can’t imagine living anywhere else. There are people out there that may think I only feel that way because I haven’t lived anywhere else, but that’s not really true. Maybe I am a bit shortsighted when it comes to the wonders of other places, but I just can’t even imagine why I would want to live outside of Kansas City. It’s amazing here. It’s beautiful. It’s the birthplace for some of the most powerfully creative people in the world, and yet, it is often treated as meaningless.

For some reason, most people look at Kansas City as if she were this backward hillbilly town, only fit for flying over on the way to a “real” city like New York or Las Angeles. It’s not your fault if you feel that way. You’ve probably never been here, and even if you have, many people that have lived in Kansas City their entire lives never find out about some of the most amazing secrets this city has to offer. There is a reason that this city has given birth to so many incredibly talented artists, writers, and inventors. Kansas City gave the world Mickey Mouse, Eddie Griffin, Hallmark Greeting Cards, Paul Rudd, Jazz Music, Barbecue, Don Cheadle, and of course, rambling, HalfDrunk Yetis (these can actually be found nowhere else in the world).

It’s probably worth pointing out that as a city, we also generally kick all of your asses when you have to compete against us in Reality Shows.

Kansas City Comeback

I have a dream.

In my dream, Kansas City is a giant, cultural hub for the entire planet and all of you’re lesser cities bow before it’s might.

Also in my dream, Kansas City is a transforming robot, large enough to be seen from space.

It is just a dream.

Although, I also have a goal.

I want my city, Kansas City, Missouri, home to Walt Disney, Harry Truman, Amelia Earhart, Jesse James, and even Jason Sudeikis to raise to the level of prominence and acceptance it deserves.

My city is full of amazingly talented people. I want the world to know that.

I want us to be a place people visit because of how amazing this city is.

I don’t want to be a 2-hour layover between Chicago and San Diego.

That’s why I’ve decided that I want to start showcasing some Kansas City Area talents from my generation. I want to prove that we’ve still got that burning greatness in our blood. The 1940s wasn’t some fluke.

We’re still hip.

For that reason, I’m going to begin a quest to hunt down and expose some of the most awesome things imaginable about my City, and of course, it’s surrounding area.


So, yeah, even you, Johnson County…


To that end, keep your eyes peeled here on MABrotherton.Com for more awesome things from The KC Metro, and maybe even a little beyond.

Also, if you have any tips about awesome people and things, let me know. I’d love to check them out.