Why God Series Post Schedule

For those of you who are waited with held breath, here is the schedule for the “Why God Series.” Posts will go up on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule at Noon my time. That would be Central Daylight Time. Really, it’s the best time zone. We have all the awesome parties.



Without Further Ado, here is the schedule

Today (5/9) – Streelights Imagination tells us where she finds strength.

Friday (5/11) – Jason’s Brain just can’t handle the consequences of stopping.

Monday (5/14) – Inkytwig will tell us about her full plate.

Wednesday (5/16) – Domestic Type promises to make sense, even through the morphine.


There is still time to get in on this if you want. Email me (mbrotherton@gmail.com) with your response to “Why God, Do I do this to myself?”


Everyone’s answer is the right one.

Remember that.


It’ll get you farther in life.