2012 – 100 Drawing Challenge 079 – Starvation

MmmPizzaOkay, so with a prompt like “Starvation” I should have probably drawn something that wasn’t me being a giant fatty, eating pizza and drinking flavored corn syrup, but… I like to think that my art imitates my life.


I mean, obviously everything I draw is pretty true, like getting into an argument with my mirror, or when I clarinetist away an army of penguin ganstas with some smooth jazz, or even that time I donned my robe and wizard’s hat. (If you don’t get that joke your life is probably incomplete. BLOODNINJA!")


So here it is, despite the fact that I keep telling myself I need to shed the extra pounds before I break more furniture, and do eat mostly healthy home cooked meals and drink only water and tea 6/7 days of the week, every Tuesday Night I find myself drinking a Dr. Pepper and mowing down some of the tastiest but most fat inducing foods I can find in Kansas City.


Oh well, it’s all in the name of….


Well, it’s vital to the propagation of the salt-water crocodiles or something, and since that’s written on the internet, you know it is 100% true.



PS: Aren’t you proud at how I avoided making self-depredating jokes about binge eating to end the constant pain of being starved for affection? Me too. Take that, Emo Kid!