Time to Get Things Done, A Guest Posting Opportunity

Back in November, I worked my ass off for a month straight and pumped out a 50,000 word blog post. It wasn’t a novel, and I feel dirty for having not put more story into it. That’s why I am wanting to try again. The problem is, I’ve over taxed myself now with all kinds of new projects, not the least of which is the Daily Doodle, the HalfDrunk Podcast, and my ever growing collection of psychosis. I have a new secret weapon now that I didn’t have back in November:


I’ve got an idea, a good one, and a need to put it out there.


So, now I just need to find a little bit of time to get these things done, without leaving my blog a barren wasteland of blank pages and shattered dreams.


That’s where I’m hoping you guys will come in.


I’d like to do a guest post series here on MABrotherton.com highlighting some of the great blogging family that I’ve found over the last 18 months.

I even have a topic I’d like you all to write about:


Why, oh, why God, do I do this to myself?

I would love to hear from all of you about your biggest labor of love.


If you’re interested in guest posting, please DM me on Twitter (@MABrotherton) or send me an email (MBrotherton@gmail.com).



M.A. Brotherton


DOUBLE UPDATE: I’m extended the deadline to 5/6 because apparently I’m bad at telling people things.