Emotional Games Destroy Lives

I hate romantic relationships.

I am incredibly bad at them. I don’t play emotional games or tolerate drama for the sake of drama. I don’t put up with childishness1. That seems like something you should be able to defend, saying, “Bravo for you!” Too many people revel in juvenile children’s games and pretend that is how relationships work. It’s a real issue in the world. I encourage everyone to do their best to move beyond that.

The problem here, though, is that I am often so egotistical and arrogant that I always assume I am reading a situation properly. I always assume that when I see childish bullshit, it is in fact, childish bullshit. That’s not always the truth. Sometimes there are real problems, and instead of addressing them and moving on, I get frustrated and annoyed. It’s easy for me to get frustrated and annoyed. Frustrated Matt is Angry Matt, and Angry Matt doesn’t listen to anybody’s crap.

I’ll shank a bitch if I have to.

So, yeah, I’m bad at relationships. I’ve been in many of them, and most of them have some sort of enormous explosion at the end that leaves everyone going, “WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?”

Honestly? I did, again.

I don’t like hurting people, especially people I care about, but it seems like something completely inevitable.

I’m not sure I’m meant to be one of those people that is part of a couple. I don’t think I need it.

To be honest, I’m perfectly content being alone. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I’m a little tired of being judged because of it.

So, there it is. I’m giving up on them. I’ve got plenty of friends and companionship from people that aren’t going to require me to go through some sort of stupid bullshit every few days because they don’t feel validated without the drama.

I have too much being awesome to do to waste time playing games.


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1) One of 319 Reasons Why I should never Have Kids.