In My Head, I’m like a Magic-Jedi-Ninja Super Hero

I’m stuck in a cubicle, in a concrete building, on a cloudy, dreary, rainy day. It’s going to be a long day. I’m going to be at Planet ComicCon all weekend, but before that there is approximately four and a half hours of work left to get through. At least at the point when this will be published. As of this moment, work has flipped between the “OH MY GOD I NEED TO DO CRACK TO KEEP UP WITH THIS” mode to the “I’M GOING TO LITERALLY DIE OF BOREDOM!” mode. That makes the hours drag by even slower.

There is a low hum of florescent lights unbroken by anyone talking this morning. It’s a silent, dead office. You can hear the clock ticking by, counting each second in a slow, mechanical pace. The skin on my arms is itchy with the mounting frustration of being here at all.

I lean forward in my chair, making sure that I seem to be studying my computer contently, close my eyes and imagine…

I drift away into the deep recess of my imagination. It’s my happy place, with waist high cool grass, under a clear, starry sky. My imagination has gained a bit of fuzz around the edges. The distant horizons are crayon drawn trees and mountains. I grin to myself with the beauty of it. I can remember being in this place with this feeling so many times before. It’s not the same as being trapped. I’m not in the office anymore.

To my let, there is a shuffle of movement, and I spin in time to find a faceless ninja charging from the crayon trees. I raise my hand, and as I do, a blade of energy shoots forth from it.

The battle is over quickly, and without pausing, I jump into the sky and fly away.

The sound of movement behind me brings me back from my reverie and I quickly click on something business looking and go back to the drudgery of work.


Inside my head, though, I’m still battling the darkest evils of the world.

It’s freedom, joy, and happiness all rolled into one, and it’s always available.


This post is part of the Scintilla Project. I hope you have enjoyed it.