Please, No More Holiday… it’s not over.

I’m sitting at my desk, and I’m exhausted.  This has been the longest, least relaxing three-day weekend ever, and there is only one culprit to blame: Santa Claus. That jolly, old, fat man invented a holiday that somehow managed to shift from being fun, warm, and exciting when I was a kid into something more akin to a marathon sprint that lasts for months, and those that lag behind get whipped with barbed tentacles of Santa’s “reindeer,” which we all know is code for “Task Masters of the Uglong Empire.”

That’s right, I’m accusing Santa of being an evil alien overlord that enslaves humanity through gift giving and cheer, with a little motivation from tentacled monstrosities that fly and have antlers.

I’ll leave the visuals up to you this time. I’m to tired to go doodlin’ today.

For most of you out there, the Christmas season is probably over by now. You might even have your tree pulled down and your New Year’s decorations put up. I believe those involve top hats and cocktail glasses.

This is not true for me, though. I’ve still got more Christmas thing to get through. So, I will trudge along, with my spirits high, artificially stimulated… by chocofee.

[media-credit id=1 align=”aligncenter” width=”550″]TARDIS mug filled with Cocoffee[/media-credit]

Thanks to my lady friend, though, I am now powered by the Time Vortex… and Chocoffee. Mostly Chocoffee.

At least the remaining Christmas I have to face is mostly for the Monkeys, my nieces and nephew.

I got them something pretty cool if I do say so myself.

There are still a lot of great projects in the works. For starters, those of you who don’t pay attention to these things there will be 2 times as much half drunkeness this week. With our usual Taco Tuesday Half Drunk cast, and a special year end extravaganza: The Fully Drunk Podcast.

I am also gearing up for some seriously hardcore doodlin’ in 2012, a secret project I have codenamed “Stop Procrastinating with Code Names and just do some work, damn it,” and MORE!

For those of you who don’t have to work today, I hate you, for everyone else, at least now you have time to recover from Christmas.