HalfDrunk Podcast Needs Your Help!

As I am writing this, I am beginning to feel the impending dread and doom of the ever encroaching 2012. This is not because I am afraid, as the Mayans were, that the sun would freeze in the heavens until we fought the demons back into hell by beating them at a game of head-soccer.  I am instead worried about the impending end of 2011, and more importantly, the biggest HalfDrunk Project ever undertaken (which isn’t really saying much):



Basically, I’ve gotten my hands on a bottle of cheap Pinot, and Well, Chris always has whiskey on hand, so we’re going to drink them, and then do a podcast reviewing 2011 and sending it crying home to it’s mommy like the little bitch that it was before embracing 2012 as the sexy new year in which we all get robot bodies, or mutate into dwarves, or get eaten by aliens, or something.

Possibly the year in which we all kick ourselves for not learning to play head-soccer.


What We Need from You! The Listener!

What great moments happened this year? What awesome things popped up in your world?
Did we miss it? Was it awesome?

We will be going through the entire 2011 line up.

So, submit your ideas soon, and send lots of them.

There is a drawing with prizes (TBA!)
Either comment here or send an email to HalfDrunkPodcast@Gmail.com


Then Tune in for the Special Year End Podcast, possibly even featuring special guests!