#Reverb11 – An Ode to the People We Love

Some part of me is certain that the two wonderful people behind the GeekinHard Reverb11 List (Brad & Rita) were all too aware of the fact that today’s prompt would be going out on a Friday. Of course, that could also be my own personal bias for showing love through creative and spammy measures using the twitter tradition of “Follow Friday.” That might also be the reason that today’s prompt really jumped out at me, grabbed me by the jimmies and forced me to write this, even if I am at work on a shitty computer and suffering from sever anxiety over the US turning into Stalin’s Russia.

What can I say? I love my cyber-friends.

Of course, there are the usual crew, people I refer to in conversation as a “blogging friend” whenever I get asked who I am talking about. Yes, I mention my online friends in casual conversation with my local friends and family. It’s not a big deal.

So, if you want some great people that will make you feel like a million bucks day in and day out, here they are:

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@InkyTwig – Who Writes “The Inky Twig”

@UncleTyperwriter – Who Writes “uncletypewriter

@Ruby_Danger – Who… has a tumblr here.

@JinxingWinks – Writes “Love Letters and Suicide Notes

@Chatterbox_Sara and her new Blog “Domestic Type



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@GeekinHard – Who Writes “Geekin’ Hard

@streetlights94 – Who Writes “Street Light’s Imagination

@Telephonoscope – There is information on her: here.

@BrandeewineB – Who does her word thing here.

@Radio_Nowhere_1 – pens poems and prose on his blog.


And of Course, you can follow the half Drunk Crew: Both Chris and Myself.


If I have left you off of this list, I apologize. All you have to do to ensure that this harsh grievance never happens again is post a comment telling me about how horrible a person I am and why I should love you.

It must include both things.
Otherwise, we’ll never grow as a community.