#YouFoundMeHow – A November Deviation

For the last few months, some of my blogging friends and I have found it increasingly interesting and humorous to look at the keyword searches for our sites and see who has the most insane searches leading to them.

For the most part Brad over at Geekin’ Hard has seemed to me to have the most consistent searches, mostly involving ladies of the night and Canadian cities. He fakes some sort of disbelief at this, but we all secretly know he’s a Canadian Pimp and uses his blog as a front for his “High Class Escort Service.”  Sorry Brad, didn’t mean to blow your cover. I’m not even sure if that’s illegal in Canada. Is anything illegal in Canada? Isn’t that were hippies go to live in the vast wiener fields and praise the glorious mornings?

Admittedly, 100% of my knowledge of Canada comes from Ren & Stimpy.

My top five searches are:

  1. Google Music Icon
  2. In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks
  3. My Music Icon
  4. Fancy Gentleman Images
  5. Poodle Strudel
Those all make sense, in a sad, simple way. Since my Google Page Rank went up to 1 from 0 (YAY! EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!) I’ve gotten a lot more organic searches, so coming through them for some crazy has started taking more and more time.

Though honestly, who searches for Poodle Strudel?

I didn’t find anything particularly amazing or incriminating this month, unless you count someone wondering onto my site in search of “Slutty Virgins” (which is my #9 search term), but I did find some people that are probably pretty disappointed.

Becoming an Immortal Superhuman using Nanites – Dude, if I knew the answer to that question, I wouldn’t freaking share it with you, I’d be a superhero named “The White Mantis”

Elk Ass – I don’t even… WTF? Man? I probably brought that on myself at some point during an angry rant. Probably one about Glenn Beck. I tend to get descriptive when I talk about him. However a quick search of my archives leads me to believe someone was hoping my vacation pictures would be a little more naughty than they were.

Funny Informative Podcast – Admittedly, Chris and I do a podcast. It is hosted on this website. If you were searching for something funny, we might be able to help you, there. Our complete malaise about wikipedia and our lack of fact checkers really makes the “informative” part questionable. I’d bet our listeners are still better informed than Fox News viewers, though.

Sorry, Glenn, I know we made that truce, but it wasn’t my study.

Anyway, Check back later today for more Reverby goodness. Probably after I get a handful of sleep, or at least after I drink this Strawberry Dragonfruit Life water.

Damn I love this life water.

Oh, and because Stereo* over at Uncletypewriter challenged me to do so, here is a doodle:

[media-credit id=1 align=”alignnone” width=”400″]This elk is a total ass! [/media-credit]

I searched for a random “Jersey Shore” quote, this is the one I found. I assumed it was enough to imply that this elk is actually an ass.