Day 28 – A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty

Guilt. Awe, Guilt. I am a connoisseur of guilt. I like to try out different varieties like taste testing fine wine. It rolls around my tongue and I savor it. I guess you could say, I’ve got a complex. It doesn’t take too terribly much to send me into a spiral of guilt and self loathing. The hard thing about it is, music is what I use to comfort myself most of the time. I don’t find a lot of shame in music. Just the opposite, really. Music is about redemption.

Of course, just about any music is great for this. Anything that pumps up the brain juice and gets blood flowing will pull you out of a funk. Of course some songs are obviously directed at redemption, for example Redemption Songs by Bob Marley, but those aren’t the best songs in my opinion.

I like songs that are about the struggle to be a better person in general.

Queue badass air guitar.

See, try to have a negative emotion now. You can’t, there is too much awesome for that.