Day 27 – A Song You Wish You Could Play on a Musical Instrument

I once wasted an inordinate amount of my little brother’s time trying to learn to play guitar. He did his best to teach me. He believed that anyone can learn to play guitar with enough practice. After a handful of lessons, it became clear that not only did I have no musical talent, I had negative musical talent. I had a talent for being incapable of learning to play the guitar. It was sad, I really wanted to learn it.

I guess at some point in their life, every guy wants to learn to play guitar, probably because it impresses women, or so we are programmed to believe.

I had a real reason for wanting to learn, though. I wanted to play one particular song, and sing along with it. I love this song, and the show it is the theme song for.

The Ballad of Serenity

I really do want to play this song, preferably sitting under a tree near a camp fire with the stars shining down from the sky. I would pause every once in a while to take  drag from a cigarette or eat a cold hot dog.

Yeah, that would be pretty awesome.