Day 25 – A Song that Makes You Laugh

Ok, I suppose it’s fair to say that I’m a pretty big fan of comedy in music. I grew up listening to Weird Al, and it wasn’t long into my early twenties that I learned about Jonathan Coulton and MC Chris. In fact these days, I probably listen to more comedy music than serious music. That’s probably because comedy is such a huge part of the Nerdcore and Geek Rock movements, which I absolutely adore.

That being said, there are a lot of songs out there that make me giggle, chortle and chuckle. The true test of a song is if it is funny enough to make me absolutely guffaw, and my friends, I think there are only a handful of those out there. Of course, I love them all.

Baby Got Back

Sir Mix-a-lot is great, but come on, super white guy with an acoustic guitar? Classic.

Baby Got Back isn’t necessarily comedy gold in and of itself. Don’t get me wrong, Mix-A-Lot was a clever genius when it came to the parody game here, but what really makes this song have the potential to put you into the hospital from laugh exhaustion is the reaction that every single person in the country has when a DJ starts to play it at a bar or wedding. If you’ve never noticed, just about every person you see will jump up and suddenly start wooing, usually while smacking someone else on the ass.

Oh yeah, thank to you, Sir Mix-A-Lot, for the brilliant slapstick that plays out when jiggly, uncoordinated people go into some sort of anal obsessed orgy of convulsions on the dance floor. It has, and will again I am sure, kept me from killing an entire room full of random and annoying strangers with fire. That makes you a hero for everyone.


Just one of a dozen brilliant songs. Oh, Not Safe for Young Children or Old People.

I have to throw out there how much I enjoy the Lonely Island. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am either sleeping or doing something productive with my life, these guys would have actually gotten me to watch Saturday Night Live again. I am aware that their particular humor isn’t for everyone, but I think most people my age at least thoroughly enjoy it.

Also, they get bonus props for the phrase, “Like a Boss,” becoming part of everyday conversation for most Gen-Yers.