#YouFoundMeHow – Crazy Search Terms That Brought You To Me in September

Earlier this week, Brad (Geekin’ Hard) set down and took a look at his analytics, specifically the keywords that brought people to his site. The results were different than he was expecting. He raised an interest across our small corner of the blogosphere and the next thing we knew, we were all pledging to take a look at our own search results to share in the bounty of humor.

We talked about making it a monthly thing, so I only looked at the last 30 days of my stats to get an idea of what was bringing the people in.

My Most Common Keyword

I thought I’d start by throwing out what brings people to my site the most, which, sadly, is “google music icon.” Well, whatever, google music fans, welcome. Actually I get a surprising number of people on my site looking for corporate logos and the like.

My Craziest Keywords

In no particular order:

  • free pic ass f@#$@% adult – I don’t even know.. I really don’t.
  • professional with a crowbar – Seems crazy until you spend some time here.
  • in the geek calendar which is the first day of the week – I’m not sure the Geek Calendar works like that, kid.
  • how to make your kids be ronald mcdonald – Not really the point of my article…

So, keeping coming back and enjoying the crazy. I hope I haven’t disappointed too many people with my lack of pornography.