I’m a doodler, Don’t Judge Me

I doodle, I think that’s fairly obvious.

I have never really thought about it meaning anything important. I know that a lot of people out there enjoy them, and so I keep doing them and sharing them. To be honest, it’s a little intimidating doing them for the internet. What was once just a way I relieved tension in my brain has become a fairly popular day of the week on my blog.

Tonight, though, my friend Tracy (InkyTwig) sent me a link of Facebook to a Ted talks video about doodling:

It was an eye opener about the prejudice that doodling has in the work place, and I definitely have felt frowned upon for drawing little sketches in the margins of meeting notes when I should be paying attention.

I encourage everyone out there to spend some time doodling today.

I think we should have a day of the doodles on twitter using the hashtag #DoodleDay

Come on everyone, show me your doodles! I know I’ll be sharing them!

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