#OccupyWallStreet – Things are Happening

Almost 10 months ago, Egypt went crazy. Young, intelligent people took to the streets in masses and brought their government to its knees. They did it with twitter, Facebook and YouTube. They did it by being present, visible and aware. They did not back down from the threat of violence, they did not allow themselves to be  pushed into a corner. When their government struck them down, they struck back.

At the time, I remember my friends and I thinking how amazing they were for doing that. I remember how important that moment was for the world. Then, almost like a spreading fire it happened again… and again… and again. It made me realize something very important.

We aren’t silent anymore.

When I started blogging, I wanted very much to get the people around me to raise their voices and let the world know they were sick of all the shit that gets shoved down our throats. I wanted the world to know that there were people who just wanted things fair, just, and balanced. We weren’t MoveOn.Org and it’s asinine ideology that Communism hadn’t been proven to fail over and over, and we weren’t some ridiculous, undereducated Tea Party movement being controlled by evil masterminds using us to turn a quick buck and defeat their political rivals.

We were something different.

I don’t look to the world as something that owes me. I don’t think I deserve any more than the opportunity to make something of myself. In many ways, I think I am blessed to live in the United States, because I do get those opportunities.

I love my country. I love the ideas my country is founded on.

I hate that the people running my country think that those ideas aren’t worth using as toilet paper, or worse, that it seems so many people genuinely believe that these monsters in Washington have their best interests at heart. It is naïve and stupid.

I was one of them, of course. I had complete hope in Obama. I thought he possessed this clean, pure idealism that would allow him to walk into the White House and start ripping new holes in the underhanded, corrupt government. He never got the chance. Congress was too used to having all the power thanks to Bush’s term as a lame duck president with a serious case of senioritis.

I can’t blame Bush. What was he going to do? He’d pretty much spent his entire life being groomed as Dick Cheney’s butt slave. He did what he believed was best, and I think a lot of things he was hopeful would work out just didn’t. I don’t blame you, President Chimp. You at least went into your decisions with honor and conviction. I might disagree with most of your policies, but at least you actually thought you were doing the right thing.

Our current government knows what they are doing is wrong. They know that they have us in a choke hold, and when they write the history books, they will know why things had to change in the United States.

“Every generation needs a new revolution.” -Thomas Jefferson

I wish I could say that I had seen it coming. I did, in a way. I knew that the time would come when the battered and abused people of my generation would stop allowing them to take us for granted. I knew there would be a time when we could no longer sit quietly. I just assumed that it would take us a longer time to get there, and when we did, it would be us voting in ourselves and voting out the baby boomers.

The truth is, the current system cannot survive in the digital age. Businesses and politicians want to keep things stuck in the age of analog. Conservative Fundamentalists want us to go farther back than that, to the wage slavery that was so damned present in the 1950s, yet, hidden behind the American dream.

I Don’t Know Where This Will End

I don’t want to pretend I know where all of this is going. I do know a few things though. This protest is the beginning of something important. Something bigger than what I’ve seen in my lifetime. I hope that whatever changes are coming are peaceful, calm and rational.

God help us all if they are not.

One thing is certain, it’s time for our government to realize that their stupid bullshit has gone the way of the CD and the VHS tape. We don’t need your obsolete garbage anymore.

The digital world needs digital solutions, if you can’t handle that, get out-of-the-way and let those of us who can have a crack at it.

If you would like to know more about the events going on, events that the news are not showing, you can check out OccupyTogether.Org, chances are there is a protest going on near you.