Day 20 – A Song you Listen to when You’re Angry

There are plenty of songs you can listen to when you’re raging, but there is one anthem to active destructive power. Limp Bizkit’s Break Stuff.

Fred packs a chain saw.

I’m fairly certain that there are people out there that think one day I’m going to snap, put this song on repeat turned up to 11, and start crowbarring every person I come across  until the cops gun me down.

Really, that’s not my style. It’s too flashy. I’m much more supervilliany than that. So, I’m going to put in some headphones, pump it to 11 and poison the reservoir while tying a damsel to some train tracks or something.

Maybe I should put my go to villain plan on the internet. I might need that some day.

What do you pump into your brain when you just need to smash something with a hammer?