I Got a New Camera

Ok, so this week instead of getting doodles, you get to look at the very first steps on my road to learning real photography. I got my new camera today, a GE X500. It was sitting on the table by the door waiting on me to get home from work, calling to me “take pictures with me, take pictures with me.”

I couldn’t resist it’s siren song, so of course, I immediately opened the box, tossed the manual to the side and went to town taking some pictures of the closest model to me. Which is almost always Abbey Dog.

092111 001

This is the first picture I took with my new camera, and the first pictures I’ve taken that092111 002 wasn’t a phone picture in years. I’m actually really happy with how this picture looks considering I just said, “Hey Abbey,” and clicked the button. Of course, the next 10 or so shots got deleted because once she knew I was taking her picture she decided to become a compliant model, and all of a sudden there was blurry puppy spins 092111 003everywhere. I could have stepped it up to taking some action shots, but I decided instead to go outside and photo some horses, and the extremely green field behind my house.

It was starting to drizzle just a little bit, so I pretended that I was a real artist and that I was sacrificing my health for my art. It was ruined by my mother telling me that I looked like a tourist. Oh, well, at least the field was pretty and I got pictures of horses. I never get tired of walking out onto my back porch and seeing horses.

092111 013

092111 005092111 006092111 012092111 014

After it started to really rain, and the horses decided they would run way to hide under a tree or in their stable, I went back inside and played with the panoramic function:

092111 004

Clearly, I’m going to need some more practice with that before I’m taking some really sweet landscape shots. Actually, I’m not sure how often I’m going to use that, except once I got an app on my phone to do the same thing and took and entire 360 view of my cubicle at work. I guess that would make a pretty awesome banner or something, too.

The Miscellaneous Pictures I have Left:

092111 008092111 009092111 010092111 011092111 017092111 015092111 016092111 018

Now the sun is starting to go down, so I’m going to go play with the night picture settings to see if I can find something awesome.