Kansas City’s Famous The Brick

IMAG0111So, Tuesdays of course are for Tacos. Everyone knows that. The hidden secret is that Kansas City’s Famous “The Brick” bar has an amazing taco deal on Tuesday nights. For a mere $0.75 each, you can get delicious Brick Tacos, in both the meaty and vegetarian varieties. Of course, the fact that it is nestled in the heart of the Crossroads district, or Kansas City’s hipster Mecca, makes it all the better.

Taco Tuesday at The Brick

Back when I was playing World of Warcraft and raiding on a regular basis, if I was a good boy my raid leader (and roommate at the time) would treat me to Raid Tacos. Since we happened to raid on Tuesday nights, Tuesday became synonymous with tacos in my mind. In fact, I dare say that Tuesdays were obviously built for the sole purpose of saying “Taco Tuesday.”

Jump forward a few years and I’ve gotten my friend (@Yeti_detective) addicted to eating tacos on Tuesday. When our plans for Saturday Adventures fell through, we decided that we needed to get together and have some serious taco munching, and since The Brick has the taco specials, we headed down town.

If you aren’t familiar with The Brick, it’s a little bar just north of 18th street on McGee in downtown Kansas City. The claim to fame being that it was showed Food Network’s Drive-ins, Diners and Dives, making it a bit of a big deal to eat there.

The Brick Itself

The Brick is a pretty cool place. On Tuesday night it isn’t very crowded, which seems weird because of it’s location and its reputation. The food was amazing, and at $0.75 a tacoIMAG0112 you can’t even beat the prices by going to Taco Bell. Of course, having a group of friends already slightly intoxicated and waiting for you when you get there completely changes the experience. The decorations are simple, with concrete floors and walls. The tables we sat at were raised up on some platforms like we were at a stage, and the waitress was a cool cat with a nose ring and pink stripes in her blonde hair.

It was definitely the type of bar that my friends enjoy going to, and will probably become IMAG0110our go to hang out, especially when I’m living downtown next year.

Of course, I was there for the tacos, but one of my friends ordered the Meatloaf sandwich, the sandwich that got them on Triple-D. He seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. They all also seemed to enjoy their rum and cokes, and Yeti_Detective definitely enjoyed his PBRs.

The After Party

After diner, we headed back to hang out at one of our friend’s apartment. It was the first time I had been there, and I was impressed with how big their apartment was for the cost, Their balcony was huge, we didn’t have any problem with 5 of us sitting outside around their full sized table all night. I started to think about maybe moving into their building (the rent is extremely low for Kansas City and they aren’t in a bad area), but then we saw a giant rat on the street below us. That, combined with the 25 pound weight limit on pets pretty much put a damper on my thoughts of moving there.

So, all in all, it was a wonderful evening filled with friends, tacos and real estate investments.  How did you spend your Taco Tuesday?