A Busy Week for Orthodox Geeks

Yar! It do be International Talk like a Pirate day, matey. So put on your stuffed shoulder parrots, eye patches, and peg legs and let the world know that Orlando Bloom wouldn’t know a real pirate if they were slashing him across the giblets.

Geek Holidays

Religion is a very personal thing for me. I don’t necessarily feel that my beliefs are something I need to share with the world, and I feel no compulsion to make an exhibition of my faith. It seems to me that open and showy evangelization is counter productive to spiritual growth. It makes it hard for me to justify decorating for religious occasions. Still, I was raised in a house where decorations were considered an art form and a life necessity. I mean, my mother collects Santas. It’s a fairly sacred tradition.

Luckily for me, a lot of geeks have the same background, and thus created awesome secular holidays. You know, ones that aren’t all boring like Flag Day or Arbor Day. Instead they created an entire calendar filled with days that rock for reasons that should be celebrated. Today is one of those days: International Talk Like a Pirate Day. In fact, the next couple of weeks are a pretty busy time of year for the Geek Holiday Calendar.


Talk Like a Pirate Day is pretty straightforward. Pirates are awesome, and in the modern era, just about everyone you’ll ever meet (under the age of 30) has probably been one at some point. It started out as a joke, but it’s grown to epic proportions. Talk Like a Pirate Day is the 19th of Septemeber each year, and the first Geek holiday on my calendar. (Of course, my Calendar starts on my birthday, which should be celebrated as an international holiday.)

You celebrate all the things that make pirates awesome by, well, talking like a pirate. You can go beyond that, and should, dressing like a pirate, listening to some pirate bands, maybe firing cannons at some ninjas. The possibilities are endless.

Tolkien Week

Of course, today is also the first day of Tolkien Week, which is decided by being the week that contains Hobbit Day, or September 22. This week is a good time to dust of the Lord of the Rings for another reading, or at the very least another watching. Especially if you do so on Thursday, since it’s the anniversary of Biblo and Frodo’s Birthday!


Read an RPG Book in Public Week

Next week (9/25 – 10/1) is Read an RPG Book in Public week. This is a special week long holiday, because it comes up every few months instead of one time a year. It’s an important cause. People should not be ashamed to have awesome hobbies, and RPG books are a great source of inspiration and entertainment.

Go, go get one right now. Might I recommend the one I helped write? (Eldaraenth.Org)