Song Challenge 17 – A Song You Hear Often on the Radio

I listen to 96.5 The Buzz in Kansas City, when I listen to actual radio instead of delicious Audio Books, so I hear mostly Alternative rock and Hip Hop. They are pretty good about having some sort of rule saying they can only play a song 4 times a day and that there has to be 4 hours between plays, but I think that just means that I hear the same songs when I do listen to the radio because I listen at the same time.

Not that I’m bothered by that, because I like the music that they play.

Right now, the one I remember hearing the most is a wonderful Mumford and Sons song:

I’m very happy that I bought this album.



Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I turn 28 years old today. That’s right, just a couple of short years away from being 30.