#DoodleDay Because Thursdays Blow

Everyone knows that Thursdays are for suckers. It’s the crapsack day that doesn’t even get a nickname. I mean, it’s only redeeming factor is that it’s named after Thor. That’s why I like to take a few moments to cheer up my own Thursday and share it with everyone else.

Doktor X

I wish I was cool enough to say that I was responsible for Doktor X. I’m not. I did this little doodle, and got the official seal of approval from Doktor X’s mad genius brain progenitor, Yeti Detective.

I mean, no… Doktor X is a real person who creates horrible monsters and slaughters the masses because he is a super her Villain. We should all remember that Super Villains are real and not just inside the head of a drunken madman.

I say that because I fear both the Shank Monkeys and the Stomp Bots… but more than anything, I fear the jar of eternal torment.


Stereo* of Death

I have a friend that lives in London. If you have been living under a rock (or away from Social Media) for the last week or so, you probably don’t know that means she lives in a city that is basically being over run by dumbass teenagers.

Her account of things is a lot more real.

Yesterday when we were all wishing her well, she gave us some wonderful news in the form of her being the world’s biggest bad ass.

Still a long night ahead but I like my chances. My hockey stick, shoe-heel and rage have my back 😉

I couldn’t help but put that into a fine doodle.


If I’m being honest with myself, my favorite super power is flight. Of course, that isn’t because I want the ability to soar around the world, which is cool enough itself, I suppose, but really, I just want to perch on top of really high places. I love heights.

Plus, this was my first attempt at going beyond just doodling and doing some real digital painting in a long time. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Perched is also available as a 1600 x 1200 Wall Paper!