Song Challenge Catchup

Way back in the first week of July, I had a slight mechanical problem with the website. That is to say, I broke the crap out of it. At that point I lost a lot of my draft and pending posts, which included a bunch of my song challenge posts. Apathy got a bit of the better of me, and I said, “Awe, nuts, screw it!”

But, every couple of days, a little part of the back of my head goes, “Stop slacking, slack monster.” and it makes me think I really need to catch up. So here I cam, busting out Song Challenge prompts 8-13.

Day 08 – A Song You Know All the Words To


“I died last niiiiiiiiiiight! Tripped over my own shoe laaaces.”

I love this band. I actually probably know the words to all of their songs. I snagged both of their albums from amazon. No More Kings is definitely my favorite band. I discovered this particular song one day while playing the Blip.FM game (back before Blip became kinda crappy) In retrospect we could probably switch it over to Turntable.FM now and rock it out pretty hardcore. Boiled down to its core, the blip game was just taking turns putting out songs around a theme until we decided which one was the absolute best song for it.

You can probably imagine this day was the zombie day.

Day 09 – A Song You can Dance To


How about a song you can’t NOT dance to. That’s right. If you hear Daft Punk and it doesn’t make you boogie around to the best of your ability, then we really need to talk to your doctor, because you might be dead inside.

Day 10 – A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep


Generally, I just play some music to go to sleep, but I generally listen to folk songs from the 60’s when I do. Anything soft is the secret.

Day 11 – A Song From Your Favorite Band


Hehehe. I picked this one because I didn’t think it would fit anywhere else on the list. Again, really love this band. You should all love them too!

Day 12 – A Song From a Band You Hate


I probably give Nickleback an unfaire shake, but them’s the breaks. None of their songs are particularly horrible, but they are also ALL the same. I don’t think I would mind if they weren’t the one band played by the rock stations more than Metallica.

Day 13 – A Song that is A Guilty Pleasure


Not just this one song, actually, but almost all of Madonna’s collected works. I don’t feel guilty, exactly. I don’t think I need to feel guilty about the music I listen to. It is what I get made fun of the most by my friends.

My Secret belief is that they are all secretly ashamed to love it, and make fun of me for leaving them in the uncomfortable place of admitting that.