That’s a Big Plate

August is a big month for me. This August is bigger than normal. You see, each September I run a huge Eldaraenth event. It gains in popularity each year, and the more people who attend, the more work for me to run it. It is the single most exhausting day of the year for me, and something I pretty much look forward to from the moment it ends each year. This year, I thought I’d get smart about how I ran it, and plan a little more in advance.

What that means for me is that my creative writing time is being burned up with preparations for this event, which doesn’t bother me at all. I get to put together dozens of individualized stories for players. It’s the ultimate practice in writing for your audience. I love doing it, and thankfully, this year, I’ve got some help getting it done, too.

Which is good, because I also have about seventy other projects I need to get done before the end of the month.

I’m also working with my brother on finishing up a print version of our rulebook, one we’re hoping to have in time to give away at the event. This isn’t as big of a task for me. My input is done, and now it’s in the final copy editing stage to go to the printers. The rules themselves have actually been done for a long time, and honestly, I’m not sure how much I contributed to that. My brother is game designer by profession, and pretty much took care of the game’s mechanics from the start.  I’ve always been a bureaucrat anyway.

I also have  a lot of storyline projects I have to finish before September, although if anything has to get the back-burner, it will be those. They can wait if they have to. In the heart of all that, I’ve also decided to start a blog about LARPing. Because, let’s face it, I have too much free time as it is.

What I didn’t take into account in my timing for all of this, though, was the fact that at the end of the month I’ll be gone for a couple of days to ole Montana, driving out there with both of my brothers (hopefully) to help my parents move back to Missouri where we’ll be able to take care of them in their old age.

Sorry, Dad, I know you’re reading this. You’re old. Deal with it.

Man, now that I’ve written out what I have to do this month, it makes me realize how much I’ve slacked. I guess it does help to have a to-do list.

So, my plate is full for the time being, but I’m up to the challenge. Life is boring when there isn’t an overwhelming level of work to do. Who wants a boring life?