Deam Big, or Go Home

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All Awesome Topless Warriors have wicked mullets, I can be no exception.
It’s all about Goals

A lot of things in my life leave me apathetic and complacent. I’m a creature of stagnation, and that’s not a healthy way to look at the world. I like being comfortable, and as long as I can maintain the status quo, I’m quite alright.

I get asked quite often what my goals in life are, and I try to answer those questions honestly. I’m not particularly realistic, though. My goals are pretty out there, actually. I want my brain in a robot body. I want to build a castle and live in it with my friends. I want to be elected supreme dictator of the human race.

You know things that are only slightly unlikely.

The problem with having goals that are unreachable, though, is that you never feel like you’ve accomplished anything, and that leads back to not carrying if you try. If you don’t try, you’ll never fail. The problem is me, and the fact that I don’t like living in a practical world of reality. I vastly prefer to keep myself safe and warm inside my own private fantasy world, and that makes having goals like, “I want to lose another 50 lbs by the end of the year,” a completely realistic goal, seem boring and horrible.

That’s why I’ve decided goals that center around my fantasy world are better suited for me. So instead of saying “I want to lose weight,” I say, “I want to train myself into the most feared warrior in all the Midwest.” That takes a lot of hard work, probably more hard work than just loosing 50 pounds, and to some people who probably wouldn’t make sense at all. For me, though, it’s a way of convincing myself that doing something completely mundane is actually doing something massively epic.

I’ve decided to set down with my list of “practical goals” and come up with some “epic feats” that I can work towards instead. I don’t want to just write a novel, I want to craft an epic story that changes how we look at the novel. The hard work is the minutia that gets you there, but the dreams are what fuels you.

If you don’t dream big enough, you’ll never have enough burn to get you through the crapstack that is life.

Dream Huge, and don’t let anyone slow you down with what’s “realistic.”

Realistic is just a word for sucks, anyway.