Doodle Day – Some Things I Doodled


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White Tuxedos are just that Formal

Ok, It’s Thursday, so that means you get more doodles! Yay! First up is doodle day 2, which is “Draw Your Favorite Animal.” It is a fairly well-known fact that penguins are my favorite animal, and not just because of their love of sheik formal wear, but also because they are secretly able to get away with just about anything.

Little known fact: Penguins are actually Mafia King Pings, also, avid Opera Lovers.


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Poodle Eating Strudel with a Noodle


The Second doodle is a drawing I did by request for my father, who is quite possibly insane. I doodled it in response to his request for a Poodle eating Strudel with Noodles. Who doesn’t like poodles, really?

Also, strudel is harder to draw than noodles, in this particular picture the strudel in question is strawberry flavored. Why? I don’t even know. Except I like strawberry strudel. Is that too much information for a doodle, probably.


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Picture a Day, Day 3 – Draw your Best Friend

Doodle Day 3 – Draw Your Best Friend

This picture might not be self-explanatory. My best friend is not actually a yeti, nor is he actually a detective. However, he fancies himself to be a bit both. I don’t know why, other than chronic alcohol abuse.

Also, both yetis and detectives are cool.







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More Sugar! More Sharpies! Less Pants

Friday afternoons are extremely difficult for me. There are multiple reasons for this, mostly because Friday afternoons are extremely boring. This past Friday was even worse because it was the Friday before Memorial Day, also, I had an extra-large dosage of sugar and caffeine.

There is probably worse combinations to put in my body, but probably not from the perspective of my co-workers. Good news, though, apparently if I get all cranked up on sugar, they will send me home 20 minutes early.


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Doodle Day 4 – Favorite Food

Last picture of the week, Doodle Day 4 – Draw Your Favorite Food. It’s a pretty common fact that I enjoy eating deep-fried dead birds.

So, there you go.

Check back next Thursday for a bunch more doodles. Because that’s how I roll.

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