Someone should invent lawn mowing headphones

The absolute most horrendous thing about living in a house is mowing the lawn. I hate mowing so much that I am normally willing to pay someone $20 to mow it with my lawnmower and gas! That might not seem like that much, but it does come out to about $25 an hour to mow my lawn. That’s a lot more money than I actually make working my crappy cube-farm job.

Lately, though, I’ve done this self-improvement thing, and that means trying to spend less money on frivolous things like being lazy, and trying to get more exercise. Pushing my crappy lawnmower up and down the yard myself is both of those things, so I’ve been doing it myself.

Music Makes things Suck Less

We all already know that listening to music while doing a mindless, boring, repetitive task makes it suck a lot less. That’s why I try to listen to some awesome tunage while I’m pushing my crappy old mower back and forth across my yard. There is a giant annoyance to that, though.

Headphones refuse to stay on my head while mowing the lawn. The problem is the cord gets in the way and it gets yanked out of my head by the handle of the lawn mower.

It probably doesn’t help that I have freakishly tiny ear holes.

I’ve tried everything from ear buds to full-sized headsets, nothing seems to work.

How do you cope?

Me, I need my music, so I’ll keep trying different headphones until I find a pair that works for me… or until I can get some sort of implant that just lets me play a mp3 in my brain.

Any suggestions?


EDIT: I have found a good pair of Bluetooth, sweat-proof Stereo headphones. You can read more about them here.