What Lights a Fire in You?

We all have the things that get us going. Those little things that get the blood pumping and the breath coming heavy. Each of us is unique in what really gets our hearts racing. I think the key to being happy and successful in life is to figure out exactly what triggers that excitement in you and cling to it like it’s a giant, warm, cuddly teddy bear that occasionally creates Skittles and pure happiness. Grab it, never let it go, and run, screaming wildly into the night following the rainbow path that emanates from it’s teddy bear eyes.

Light That Fire!

There are a lot of things that peak my interests, some of them probably even make sense to the general public, and a handful of them are even socially acceptable!

Writing Silly Words for the Internet

I’ll admit, sometimes it feels like a job, but for the most part, it’s really more of a compulsion. I like writing things for people to read. It’s fun, cathartic and a little bit empowering. As long as I can keep doing it, I will, even if it gives me no benefit beyond just having a place I can rant my inane thoughts. Besides, not only does it help keep my mind from running amok, I can also look back over the posts for the last few months and see a real improvement in the quality of my writing.

If I’ve gotten nothing else out of it, I have mastered the proper use of “its” and “it’s.”


Meaningless Competition

I tend to choke in any legitimate form of competition, but I more than excel at the fake ones that generally only exist inside my head. Most of the time these arbitrary contests are played out with myself. I did 3 pages of reports in 10 minutes, this 10 minutes I’m going to do 6! BA HA HA HA HA!

There are times in the late afternoon when I’m stuck at work that these are the only things that can keep me from passing out. I’ve even played these kinds of stupid games when I’m on a long drive to keep myself from getting road hypnosis and dying a horrible and fiery death.

It might seem like a way to keep my brain busy and myself awake, but when I beat an old record at something as simple as stacking pennies, I get seriously excited.

Actually in hindsight that makes me seem pretty sad, really.


Things To Be Angry Over

Anger that comes from righteous indignation is a powerful and awesome feeling. When something triggers that part of me that knows it needs to scream angrily into the nigh sky, I feel alive. It’s not the same anger that comes from pain or frustration. It’s a different thing entirely.

Unfortunately, I haven’t ever been very good at finding a way to just trigger that feeling. If I ever do, though, watch out Lewis Black, I’m gonna for your awesome career as a professional ranter.


Amazing Writing

I love to read. Really amazing writing doesn’t just give you a good story, it pulls you into it. When I’m reading and really start to get into the story, everything else just melts away. The more I get into the story, the more excited and anxious I am to find out what’s going to happen next. I read faster, I breath a little harder, and I feel my pulse gets a little quicker.

It’s probably the easiest way to get that feeling for me these days.


What gets you riled up and excited? How do you bring together all the things you love into one great thing you can do forever?