Tell it in a Montage

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Song for Life

I was driving back from lunch today and one of my current favorite songs came on the radio, I am the Highway by Audioslave. I have this habit when I listen to music of creating movie scenes in my brain to go along with the song I’m listening to. Its just a thing I do, don’t judge me. As I listened to this song, who’s lyrics are surprisingly depressing, I realized that it would make a pretty good match for the last couple of years of my life. That got me to start thinking about my life in the terms of a crappy movie staring Mark Walberg, and of course, that meant it would need a montage.

I think you could create a montage of scenes from just about any period of a person’s life. For me, I am the Highway is the song that would play over the time spent overcoming the depression after my marriage broke up. I could see scenes of myself sitting on the steps to my back porch while the dog was out in the yard. See myself driving down 13 Highway between Kansas City and Springfield listening to the worst 90s grunge rock I could find. Working in my cubicle, doing my job just to have something to break the monotony of coming home to a house empty except for my golden retriever. Basically, it was a trip down boring, depressing, memory lane.

Then I thought, “Man, I’m glad I’m over that.”

I know the moment I realized I wasn’t depressed anymore. It was the moment that I found out my exwife had started dating someone. It surprised me that I wasn’t upset by the news. That’s the moment that really clicked to me that I was ready to move on and do new things. That’s why I’m looking for a new montage song. I want my life to be a montage of self improvement and fulfillment. Now, I just need to find that song.

What song do you think would make a montage in your life? What song do you think goes with where you want your life to be?