Isolationism or Imperialism – Should America enter Egypt?

It’s taken me a while to collect my thoughts on everything that is happening in Egypt right now. Its a volatile issue that needed to be examined from a lot of different angles. At its core, it seems simple: Civil Rights that exist at the very core of what it means to be free for us Americans are being shat on. To me, it seems obvious that the proper course of action is for us to go over there and start helping some Egyptian Gen Yers kick some dictator ass. It’s easy for me to think that way. I’m not in the military.

Egypt is the New Iraq

Nine years ago, we invaded Iraq on the false claim that they possessed weapons of Mass Destruction, aided terrorists, and were generally not very nice guys. Over the course of that invasion, we learned a few things about what it means to conquer a nation. Back home, we were a country torn between protesters who believed we should stop trying to police the world, and die-hard patriots that claimed it was the US’s duty to defend the freedom of the Iraqi people, if they liked it or not.

In the last decade, over 100,000 lives were lost in the Iraqi-American War. It seems to me, that with a casualty count as high as that, the protesters would think they were right. However, as the situation elevates in Egypt, it is the same people who were vocally in opposition of us ending the oppression in Iraq that have come forward screaming that we must do something now. It’s not some ironic gesture that has made them switch sides. It’s learning some of the facts about life. You can’t have it both ways, though. You don’t pick and choose who to attack on behalf of “civil rights.”

Why we need to invade Egypt.

This shouldn’t even be the subject of debate. Yes, Egypt is the linchpin for the entire Middle East. Yes, it is the country that has held onto the Peace Accords. But, none of that matters. We are seeing a change in the Middle East. Young people are rising up against tradition and dictatorship. All across the Middle East, we are seeing protests and riots against stupid, out of date ideals. We’re seeing the kinds of protests and riots that need to be happening in the United States. We’re just too busy doing the opposite of what is intelligent and common sense.

We’ve been hated for decades over there. The power structure is going to change. We can either sit back and do nothing while if falls and creates chaos, or we can do what we’ve claimed to do for the last 100 years. We can send soldiers over to support the people fighting for their real civil rights. We can either have them as our allies when the dust clears, or give them another reason to hate us.

We didn’t come into this nation saying “All Americans are created equal.” We shouldn’t change that now.