January Progress Report

January Progress Report

2011 is the year of progress for me. This year is me making a lot of small changes that will help me get closer to reaching my potential. January was the month that I spent planning exactly what I was going to do this year and laying out the basic ground work. I’ve made a little bit of progress and have changed a few of the ideas and goals I had for the year. Refining your plan is part of adapting to new situations, and I’ll continue doing that as I go along. I’m happy to say, that so far, I think I’m making headway.

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photo credit: AndyFitz

Weight Loss and Fitness

At the start of the year, I weighed in at an insane 363 pounds. My long term goal for weight loss averages out to about 6 pounds per month, and I’m happy to say I’ve actually lost 9 this month. So far that’s all through cutting calories, especially in the realm of soda. I have had a soda or two, but they’ve all been 0-Calorie. I’m actually at a point where drinking soda tastes like syrup, so that’s a pretty good place to be.

My Current fitness stats:

  • Weighing in today at 351 pounds. That weight fluctuates back up as high as 355, but that’s normal. My weight isn’t as important as my body fat percentage anyway.
  • My waist is down to 51″ That’s down about 5″ since the start of the year.
  • Body Fat Percentage is currently about 39.06% This is down from about 45% last time it was measured, back in October.

So far all of my weight loss has been done by diet. Starting next week, I’ll we working with kettlebells to build muscle and doing Tai Chi to help build stamina and learn to breath again. I’m hoping that building muscle will help me burn off fat quicker, even if the weight loss doesn’t reflect that.

My Current Creative Stats:

  • 26/28 days hitting my 750 words per day goal. That’s not perfect, but its not bad either. I feel a little bit like I hit a road block here the last few days. I’m pretty much trying to force myself to keep writing in hopes to bulldoze through the writer’s block.
  • After taking what I believe to be the 12 worst 365 Project photos ever taken, I’ve decided to keep my photo taking to a more hobby like level and just take pictures for the fun of taking pictures. A photographer, I am not.
  • I did start drawing again. I’m happy that I did. It makes me smile. I might even share some of them someday. Not today… probably.
  • I have a bunch of craft projects on the back burner. Most of them are on hold for money and materials. I’m looking forward to them, though.

My Current Life Development Stats:

  • I enrolled in school. If everything works out according to plan, I’ll be going back to school starting with the Summer semester. Unfortunately, I think my credits from before are going to prove obsolete. Like algebra and English really changed that much in the last 12 years.
  • On the advice of several people, I’ve created an OK Cupid account. General consensus seems to be that I’m still hiding away from the world too much and at the very least I could do was try talking to people.
  • I have gone out and met several new people though. They are awesome. I look forward to doing it again.

That’s where I’m at now, and looking forward to the future. Historically, February has been a particularly difficult month for me. I tend to get hit with a lot of bad luck this time of year. Last year was the exception that I’m hoping breaks the cycle. No matter what comes my way, though. I’m ready to handle it.