Apparently, I’m Stylish

Apparently, I'm stylish!

I’ve been called many things before, but “Stylish has never been one of them.”

#Reverb10 gave me a lot of things. Some topics for self-reflection, a little bit of incite, and quite a chance to meet (electronically) several new and fantastic people. I’ve treasured the community of that as much as the writing opportunities, and have made some friends that I hope I can keep in contact with for years to come.

Recently, there has been a bit of goings on in the small blog community as a viral blogging award has been making its way around. Today, the Stylish Blogger Award made its way onto my blog via Tracy of the Inky Twig. If you haven’t been over to the Inky Twig yet, you should check it out as soon as possible.

I call The Stylish Blogger Award a viral award because I haven’t yet been able to find out where it started. It just jumps from blogger to blogger with a few rules:

I recently received a stylish blogger award and now I am passing it on to you because I love your blog and want to get it read by even more people. See my recent post for the list with your blog on it!

So here are the rules for acceptance of the award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 5 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

There is a button that goes with the award. Click on mine and copy the properties into your own blog.

Well, Thank you, Tracy! I’ve never been been called Stylish before. Quite the opposite, actually, I’m a bit of a nerd and far from fashionable. Its pretty nice to think that I have people who feel like my blog deserves and award. It’s like a warm gooey feeling.

Seven Things About Me

  1. Having spent several years hiding from the world and keeping myself secluded, I like to think I’ve become a bit of a television afficianado. I have a special fondness for cartoons and detective shows.
  2. My golden retriever, Abbey, was actually given to me as schwag from one of the salesmen that calls on me at work.
  3. Until I started my first blog back in September, I had used the same online screen name since 1996. My older brother originally thought it up. It was the last name of my first every D&D Character.
  4. I like to write while watching Conan, the ginger comedian, not the barbarian.
  5. I like that I have no children of my own, because I can barrow them from my friends that do. I get all the benefits of kids, like watching kids shows and playing with toys, but none of the drawbacks, like buying food or diapers.
  6. I own a fairly nice, custom built, desktop computer, but most of the time I use a laptop that only functions via the power of positive thinking because I like to be able to move around a lot when I’m writing. I’ve only used the desktop a couple of times since I quite playing World of Warcraft.
  7. I am secretly feel jealousy and pity for my best friend at the same time. Sometimes I’m incredibly jealous of his care free lifestyle, but other times I worry about how much he lacks stability.

5 Blogs that rock the proverbial socks pretty hardcore

This is a little harder to do. I found some really awesome blogs recently, and some that I’ve followed for a while that are really deserving of the recognition. It’s really difficult to narrow them down to just five. Fortunately, many of them have already been hit by the Stylish Blogger Award, so I don’t have to feel like I’ve missed out on anyone. I’ve sort of put them in the order of the most recent addition to my eReader to the oldest, but sometimes these things are hard to remember.

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