Criminal Behavior should Have Criminal Consequences

Let me just start out by putting it out there plain and simple. I can solve all of our current economic and political problems with one simple solution:

Eliminate all Civil Lawsuits

That’s right. It is that simple. The court system in this country is overtaxed and over burned to by civil lawsuits. Our medical costs are outrageous because every time someone isn’t miraculously cured by a doctor, they get sued. We all know about the woman that won millions of dollars because she was too stupid to drink coffee. I could probably win a lawsuit against KFC because eating fried chicken has left me a giant fatty. These things drag down our legal system and cost our government millions of dollars a year.

But what about the legitimate civil cases.

There are some legitimate law suits. There are times when doctors do make some serious mistakes, and they should be held accountable. There are times after a traffic accident that an insurance company doesn’t want to pay out. These situations have their appropriate place in another court. Criminal Court. If a doctor messes you up bad enough that you feel he should be punished for his actions, you should be able to press criminal charges. If your insurance company is screwing you over, then it goes into business litigation with an arbiter instead of a civil trial.

The civil court was put in place to settle disputes between civilians in a fair and unbiased way. What it has become is a place where anyone can attack a corporation. The concept of civil disputes has become a bit of a running gag with a shining paycheck in the United States. We’ve even already replaced our small claim civil cases with no less than 10 different television shows. Why not go a little farther and just replace all civil courts with half hour sessions with an arbiter. Each side gets 10 minutes to plead their case and then the arbiter looks over the evidence for another 10 minutes and decides one way or the other. Boom. Streamlined the system and saved the government millions of dollars right there.

Anything that goes beyond a small claims court probably is bordering on criminal behavior anyway. If a criminal trial finds someone guilty, then it should come with a reparations claim for the victim. Your doctor caused you to be paralyzed by leaving a scalpel in your spine. He goes to jail for being criminally negligent, you get some money to help you deal buy a new wheel chair and a robot penis. Famous Athlete allegedly kills your daughter and is found not guilty in a fair trial. You shouldn’t get all of his money for the rest of his life. Seems pretty straightforward and simple to me.

Frivolous lawsuits are killing America, and we need to bring them to an end.