8 Twitter Type People You Should Follow

Interesting People Across the Internet!!!

There are millions of people on twitter. Some of them are famous celebrities, some of them are important political figures, and some of them are actually robots in disguise. Seriously, Optimus Prime has multiple twitter accounts.  So in a virtual sea of endless bodies and names, how do you know who the movers the shakers and the candlestick makers are?

Well, with so many people out there, you really have to be looking for a certain caliber of people to be your genuine online buddies. Or, you can blindly place your faith in me, because I’m awesome like that.  Now, my twitter list is growing everyday, twitter is like that, its exponential in its growth. By the time you’ve got 10 friends they introduce you to 50 more people. Its a social pyramid scheme. Below are 10 people I tweet with every day:

Mega Follow Friday #FF To:

@RedneckWitchDR – Sometimes he’s quiet, and sometimes he’s mopey, but the Redneck Witchdoctor knows how to fix anything with a little bit of hillbilly hoodoo, and sometimes, he even shares his secrets with us. Besides do you really want to not follow someone that can put a hex on you? I’m trying to convince him to write a book about how to fix stuff with random crap. He’s good at it.

@Yeti_detective – Is he a detective that detects yetis? Is he a yeti with a private investigator license? No body really knows for sure, but if you dig people who are probably smarter than you, but are still constantly baffled by things like boxes or a fork, then this cat is for you. Plus he’s the brain behind Alchohologists, just don’t expect him to make sense 100% of the time.

@LittleYawps – In my mind, LittleYawps is a combination of Ripley and Sarah Connor. She’s got all the gruff toughness of 200 year old boots, but is really nice most of the time. Plus her Blog really injects some humor into some really not so humorous things sometimes. We all need that.

@uncletypewriter – Stereo… What can you say about Stereo. Well, She’s got giant hair and gianter personality. I know Gianter isn’t a word. She won’t mind. Also her blog was the second blog I ever read for #Reverb10. I was pretty much hooked at that point.  Plus, I’m sure she could take you in a fight. I’d put money on it. She’d probably buy you a drink afterward though. The British are like that, always so polite.

@GeekinHard – GeekinHard is the guy all of us geeks really aspire to be. He is still awesomely geeky, but he doesn’t live alone in his parents basement. In fact, he travels a lot, and usually gives us first hand accounts of how much that actually sucks on his blog. Its like every day I get a little reminder why I drive everywhere I go, and can be a little more thankful that I don’t have his job, which I believe to be International Super Villain.

@InkyTwig – The Inky Twig was the first #Reverb10 Blog I ever read. She’s got a completely different perspective on life than I do, and that’s a good thing. She’s got a matronly way about her that makes you feel encouraged to get back up on your bike after you’ve skinned your knee.

@Ying_ko_4 – Exactly what I am talking about when I say you meet new awesome people through other awesome people when you are on the virtual spaces. I’ve only been following @Ying_ko_4 for a couple of days, and I’ve already begun thinking, “Why didn’t I know about you before!!!!!?” He also writes a blog that has a name I refuse to attempt to pronounce: AGGASPLETCH

@Patti_Exhale Patti writes a blog about being awesome in Canada. She’s got a pretty classic Canadian Sense of Humor, which is to say, she’s hilarious and snarky. Also she might have a hat fetish and won’t put up with your nonsense.

Who are the awesome people on your list, besides yours truly of course?