We can be better, but we won’t.

A Letter to the President

Dear President Obama,

photo credit: upside of inertia

Here’s the thing, Mr. President, I really, really wanted you to do awesome things. You were the hope for a generation. Finally, a happening, geeky dude that knew what the younger generations wanted, where they wanted the country to go. You spoke on behalf of the quiet majority. You told us about your plans for hope and change. You promised us that you would get this done, and usher in a new era of peace and respect for America.

You haven’t actually delivered. Now, sure, you’ve gotten some things done. Pushed through a weak, useless Health Care Reform package. You know, the one even you thought was a joke. Yeah, that didn’t set the country back 10 years on the issue. Then of course there is your most recent victory. Repealing DADT. Except, you didn’t do it, did you. You took the credit. Hell, we gave you the credit, but you didn’t do any of the work. You had the chance to. It was implemented by an Executive Order under Clinton, you could have ended it by executive decree. Instead, you let the Congress take a little bit of that power from you. It left you looking weak. I wish we could praise you for this, but its the Joint Chiefs of Staff that got this one done.

Actually, in your entire presidency, I can’t think of a single thing that you should be given props for. Maybe I expected too much of you. You’re just a man. I had hoped that you would rock your way into office with a 21st Century version of the New Deal, kick our corrupt Congress in the crotch and play yourself out eight years later with a mad electric guitar riff.

You have one more year. President Obama, to really rock this nation hard, you’re going to have to grow a pair of balls. You’ve been getting pushed around by everyone. Now its time for you to throw down and get shit done. Its time for you to make those changes happen. Yes, they can be done overnight. You just have to man up and do it.

Some people are going to hate you for it. They are wrong. They are simple minded, short sighted, and childish. I suggest that you take time before you make any decision and ask yourself, “How much will this piss off Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck?” If the answer is ever “less than not stabbing a wild caribou in the brain with a rusty shovel.” You might not be going big enough. Sure, they’ve got a bunch of psychos out there working for them, but you’ve got a bunch of sociopaths on your side too.

Make it happen.