You are to blame

I hate it when I’m right.

Today, it began. A horrible tragedy in Arizona resulted in the deaths of several innocent people, and instead of morning the loss as a nation united, we decided to take the opposite route. We immediately started blaming each other. The majority of Americans it seems are blaming the Sarah Palin’s tea party elimination map, and the Tea Party is saying it was some liberal or illegal immigrant.


This is who it was: A white male, late teens-early twenties. That’s what we know. Lets see chances are we can elaborate that without even investigating. I’m going to guess he was probably of above average intelligence. He was considered quiet and reserved by his classmates, and most people will describe him as a bit of a loaner. He also probably took a lot of art, writing, and music classes.

Why? Because those things are true of about 60% of people with severe psychological disorders that make them think its okay to kill a bunch of people. That’s the most likely scenario here.

Still, I blame you.

You have all been warned that this was going to happen. Insanity breeds more insanity. Now that the first shot has been fired, it makes more and more psychos come out of the frame work. A few months ago, people began the first whispers of Succession, and taking back the country from the corruption. Those whispers are going to turn into shouts and screams now.

We are hours away from the Civil War, and its because of you.

Conservative, Liberal, Progressive, Constitutionist, Communist, Capitalist, Democrat, Republican, and Green.

Each of you have spent the last 2 years doing nothing but blaming the other side for every tragedy. You’ve turned natural disasters into political hot spots. You’ve turned the country from a reasoning, thinking nation into a fear state ruled by ignorant coke addicts. The worst part about it, is that you both think its only the other side doing it.

There is no salvation this time.

Nothing we do at this point will stop it now. Its an avalanche. Its only just really beginning. My only prayer is that it can be done with a minimum of bloodshed.

You’ve failed America. You should be ashamed of yourself.