Mind, Body, Spirit Part 1 – Mysticism is for Mystics

For most of my life, I’ve been in pretty bad shape. I’ve been abusing myself physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually for the last few years, and its taken its toll. No more of that, though. 2011 is the year I analyze my negative behavior and correct it. Some of the work was started in 2010, and I doubt that I’ll be a perfect functioning person by 2012, but I will keep working. There is a lot left for me to do. Its all about making the lifestyle change an sticking to it.

I plan to spend the rest of this week putting together the 2011 plan to bring my Mind, Body and Spirit into perfect harmony, and get myself back into shape in ever facet of my life.

tsukikagekannoMind, Body and Spirit in One

Its an old cliche. In order to find true peace and happiness, your mind, body and spirit must all be in harmony. I’ve never truly understood what that meant. I think now I have a pretty good idea of it, and it all started to make sense when I started thinking about it less metaphysically and more scientifically. Really it all comes down to being physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy.

photo credit: renfield

Mind – Kill worries, build creativity

When I say “Mind,” I mean the part of you that actively thinks. When I say, “my mind,” I mean that thing that pretends to think, but really is just throwing around information at a billion miles a second, not really grabbing onto any one idea long enough for it to be a real thought.  Keeping a healthy mind means letting it gain security so it can do its thing without being over taken by anxieties and worries about things like money and zombies.

Body – Put away the chicken wings instead of putting away the chicken wings.

I will admit it. I’m a fatty. I have roughly 36% body fat. I weigh in at over 350 lbs. Sometimes, I break chairs. I get winded putting on my shoes, and I have a hard time sleeping. That’s not the only things wrong with me either. I also smoke. A lot. If the human body is a temple, than mine is in about the same shape as the abandoned church in a horror movie. Its been broken down and worn out. Just before Christmas, though, I got a phone call from my dad that really scared me. At the young, impressionable age of 53, my father’s health is starting to slip.

To me, my father has always been a pillar of strength. I used to say I was afraid I’d turn out exactly like him, but it was always a joke riding over the fact that I always wanted to. Now, I really am afraid that my body will turn out like his, and I’m not ready for that. I have to get myself healthy and in shape, or I won’t make it to the robot body upgrades. What’s the point of living if you can’t be rewarded with a complete cyborg transformation?

Spirit – Cleanse the soul to find peace and contentment

If mind is conscious thought, then spirit is the subconscious. The spirit is emotions and dreams. I’ve been an emotional roller coaster the last couple of years, and all I’m really in search for is some inner calm. Now, having a bit of suave mojo wouldn’t hurt, but the calm is the important part. If I can really just let go of all the negativity of my past, then I’ll be good to go in the future. That’s ultimately what I’m really looking for.

Check back tomorrow and the rest of the week. I’m going to be writing about exactly what I plan to do to go from a fat, spazzy, nervous wreck into a balanced samurai warrior. With Mind, Body and Spirit all balanced into healthy harmony.