I wish I was a cowboy, sometimes.

Somethings,  a man just has to do.

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John Wayne takes care of business.
I just got back from seeing the remake of True Grit. It was exceptionally well done. Honestly, I feel like its a bit of blasphemy to say, but, it was many times better than the [amazon_link id=”B000O179FY” target=”_blank” ]original starring John Wayne[/amazon_link]. I know, I can hear you saying it now, “Jeff Bridges is not nearly as bad ass as John Wayne.” He’s not as bad ass. No one is that Bad Ass.  After seeing the new version, and hearing its closer to following [amazon_link id=”159020459X” target=”_blank” ]the story of the book[/amazon_link], I think I’m going to add it to my list of things to read. Its a growing list.

Watching Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon ride all over Oklahoma, kicking the bajeebus out of some outlaws, made me think about how much easier it must’ve been for law enforcement back then. Someone committed a crime, you went out and shot them. Seems to me like it should have really put a damper on most people’s criminal careers. Of course, this was also the first Western I’ve ever seen that has an actual court scene in it. They don’t ever say either way in the movie, but I’m pretty sure the guy on trial gets off because Rooster Cogburn is such a hard ass.

That’s O.K. He shoots a crap ton of people after that, and the more people you shoot the better you are as a US Marshall in the 1870s.