A night with my brother

December 25th, Christmas night. Traditionally, this is a night to spend with family, playing board games, and enjoying each others company. In 2006, my parents moved from my home town, a suburb of Kansas City, MO, to the far reaches of no where in Helena, MT. Since then, our traditional family gatherings have been on hold.

With our older siblings spread across the Midwest with families of their own, it falls on my little brother and I to make time for each other as the only family we have close by. It keeps getting harder as we both get busier with work and art. My little brother is a musician and painter.

Tonight, I find myself outside my personal comfort zone, sitting comfortably on what I assume is normally the girlfriend couch watching my little brother’s band, Maps for Travelers, rehearse before their show. It’s loud, the music buzzes everything in the room, including my teeth. My ears are a little numb, but its good.

I don’t spend as much time with my little bro as I’d like. Plus, its fun getting to see their entire set before they play tonight.

How do you make time to see.your family? Do you make sacrifices? Would you if it was the only way?