#Reverb10 probably saved my life

My emotions are like a super powered roller coaster.

Everything’s OK. What was the best moment that could serve as proof that everything is going to be alright? And how will you incorporate that discovery into the year ahead?

– Kate Inglis

Generally, my response to any situation is panic. For me, panic is a slippery slope of anxiety spiraling downward to a point where I can’t think about anything but the cause of the anxiety. Its like a black sludge that flows over my brain and keeps me from being able to focus on the problem from any angle other than that of the victim. For a person that prides themselves on their ability to see things from different angles, its troubling that in the moments of darkness, I fall so deeply into a lack of control. There is only so much panic a brain can allow though, and eventually it all snaps away and I can go on finding solutions.

My life has been a cycle of suicidal freak outs and calm contentment for years.

Then, I discovered #Reverb10. Reverb10 is a 31 day writing project similar to a giant blogging carnival. Every day for the 31 days of December, the participants are given a prompt to write about. We all go out into our own little cyberspaces and create some truly profound, humorous, creative, witty, brilliant things. The prompts have ranged everywhere from trying new things to writing. Through out it all, though, I’ve really had the time and encouragement of a community to truly examine myself, my life, and my writing.

I think #Reverb10 has helped me find a bit of direction. Its given me a tool in my mind that has brought me contentment, humor, and a nice peaceful calm. Now, as I float through the minor, tiny things that would have me freaking out and exploding six months ago, I start to think, what am I learning? How do I relate it to what I’m writing now.

Its day 24 of #Reverb10, there are 7 more prompts to come. I’m looking forward to each one with eager anticipation. I’m looking forward to growing as a person and a writer. I don’t think I could have done it without this experience.