DADT belongs on StupidLaws.Com

DADT – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

It actually humors me that we still talk about this like its important or something. DADT is one of those things that we should be finding on next to “Its is unlawful for any person to wear firm fitting pants.” Its a dumb obsolete law from a time when people thought these kinds of laws were necessary. In a few years we’ll refer to anyone who believes in this crap as being quaint and possibly senile.

Here is the simple truth that all Americans should understand:

Military Service is a higher calling that the vast majority of us never answer. It is a sacrifice and a show of devotion and dedication to the country and its citizens. The idea that you would deny any able bodied and minded soldier to serve their nation for a reason as simple as who it is they prefer to have sex with, is foolish, limited thinking that only hinders us and holds us back from growing.

If we wanted as a nation to increase the idea of personal responsibility and foster patriotism, we would encourage and support ANY soldier. It behooves us, as a country, and makes us stronger when we allow public service. More over, I think that it is a complete joke that Congress is being tasked with making this decision. There is a long standing truth in the US, and that is the Military handles its business. If the top ranking Generals in the Join Chief’s of Staff think DADT is old hat and hindering the development of the Nation, and more importantly jeopardizing National Security, then I think we should just do what they say here.

What pisses me off the most about this, is that Barrack Obama doesn’t have the balls to just make it happen the way he should. Clinton put DADT in place, there is no reason our current Commander-In-Chief can’t just repeal it. He is giving a corrupt congress his power.

Stop that Obama. You should be bitch slapping Congress up and down Capital Hill, not the other way around.