How long until Skynet takes over?

You’ve been distracted from the real danger.

Stuxnet even sounds like Skynet

The last few weeks, we’ve all been shouting obscenities about the TSA molesting our genitals, and looking at shouped pictures backfiring from their intended purpose of making us think that they work way better than they actually do, or about how WikiLeaks is going to either save us from 1984 or rain down hell on us for supporting terrorists. I’ve had a nagging feeling that through out all of this, something fishy was really going on unseen, hidden deep within the recesses of the government where only the greatest of International Super Spies, like Austin Powers, would be able to find it.

Then, like in some kind of crappy journalism suspense thriller, I got a phone call with a hot tip.

“The US Government has attacked Iran with a self-correcting, self-replicating, self-upgrading, trace-removing super computer virus.”

Naturally, I felt the need to look into it.


The StuxNet Worm is a nasty, nasty piece of business. The only way to stop it would be for everyone in the planet to switch from Windows, which, while giving me a happy face, is pretty unlikely. I’m not down on the hacker specs of this super worm, and there are plenty of resources about that part of this on the nets. What really worries me is we engineered it.

That’s right, all signs point to the United States. It looks like good old President Chimp, Dubbya himself, order the assault on Iran shortly before leaving office. Now part of me was a little sad to read that it was GWB’s work, because my biggest gripe with Obama is his lack of balls, and I want him to be willing to pull the trigger instead of catering to everyone ever.

What does it mean for us? Well, we’ve definitely changed the playing field. War once meant guys shooting guys, and now, war means who can hack the other country into the bronze age first.

It also means that we need organizations like Wikileaks now more than ever before, because our Government is now capable and willing to wipe out the power and communication networks of our rivals, and that, friends, is just a step away from Judgement Day.