Are we this jaded?

Doug was a great character via abbynormy on Flikr
Via Abbynormy on Flikr

How Jaded are we, really?

Recently, there is been a lot of talk about Cartoon Characters, Facebook, and Child abuse awareness being thrown about on the internet. It seems that people have become so dark and jaded that rather then doing anything to spread awareness, they’d rather bitch about how changing your Facebook image doesn’t do anything.

There’s some truth to it. If you can afford to give money to child abuse organizations, or have the time to volunteer, you should. Its an important cause. But, what about those of us that don’t have any spare money, and very little real free time left anymore? What are we supposed to do other than feel guilty?

Well, we could help raise awareness.

You see, that used to mean something to the world. It probably means something to the kids that are in these bad situations. People forget, I think, that knowledge plays an important role in changing the world. When you see that a billion people on Facebook care about Child Abuse, then maybe as a Senator, you think to yourself, “I should probably stop voting down that Child Safety Bill.”

You might not see it that way, but ask the Pink Ribbon organization how much that awareness is worth. What started with just that, a Pink Ribbon given out to Breast Cancer survivors by the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Now, Pink Ribbon month is a huge corporate sponsored event that help fund research and pay the medical bills of thousands of survivors.

Awareness isn’t nothing, its an idea. Give it time and support, and maybe years from now, November will become, “Child Abuse Awareness Month,” and Nike will shell out millions of dollars to help prevent abuse and treat victims across the globe by selling a Darkwing Duck shoe.

The one thing that isn’t helping anyone in anyway, is bitching about people doing what they can, even if its too little now. Thoughts and ideas snowball. They grow as they pass from one person to another.

It can be a force of good, or it can be a force of huge negativity.

Which side to you plan to stand on?