#Reverb10 – I’m a little bit of a Story Teller

I come from a pretty long line of storytellers. I grew up with my dad making things up pretty regularly, and on trips to visit my grandfather, he would tell us stories from when the world was broke and war was everywhere. These days, I wish I could remember more of those stories, it’d probably really help put some perspective on our first world problems.

When I was little, I started making up stories. They were probably not that unique it creative back then, about things like GI Joes coming to life to make the treacherous journey from the trash back across the yard to the house. My parents tried to encourage me to balance between the daydreams and reality, and I have to give them credit, because I’m not slowly rocking back in forth in a padded room talking to my imaginary Scottish terrier.

Yes, I had an imaginary dog…

These days, I spend most of my fantasy time re-imagining conversations or pretending to be someone else. Yeah, I play role-playing games. I’m a nerd.

With all this storytelling and make believe it wasn’t much of a leap for me to get into writing, and from there it seems pretty natural to start blogging.

The problem, though, when you spend so much time making things up, is how do you keep the extraordinary from seeming mundane? For me, that answer is science.

I love to follow tech blogs and read gadget reviews.

I love that we live in the future.

Myind is constantly filled with the fantastic, but I make sure to spend a little bit of time each day learn about the amazing.

We live in a world full of wonderfully awesome things, you just need a little reminder on occasion.