The Generation of Emotions



Wangst n. Combination of wank and angst, sometimes spelled as wankst- Ridiculously overblown self-pity.


Wangst is the word I think best defines young people of any generation, but it seems to me, that our generation is particularly wangsty. We were raised in a world where everyone told us that we were just as good as everyone else, that we were all equal, and if we would all end up living the high life of never ending gum drops and free flowing Dr Pepper.

Well, when that didn’t pan out, we became pretty disenfranchised. I don’t know anyone my age that doesn’t suffer from some form of depression or social anxiety disorder. That could be a side effect of all the drugs we’ve been on our entire lives, or the horrible suppressed memories of possible pedophile dinosaurs that haunt our every dreams. I’m not a shrink, I wouldn’t know the reason, but I do know that we’re all a floating in a sea of disillusioned splendor.

We, as a generation, have to realize what our shortcomings have become. We have to look at our own actions and learn how to think and analyze these things again, or we’ll keep being swept up into waves of trendy social outcry over the latest political fad. We have to arm ourselves against the savvy geniuses that would turn our need for something into their own agenda.

We live in an age where everyone has access to mass media: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs. Its a breeding ground for the Cult of Personality front men to sweep in and grab up all of that unspent wangst. If we don’t start to look at things with a more critical mind, and less uncontrolled passion, we’ll be twisted into a new generation controlled by propaganda and corruption.

Socrates would be ashamed of us.