Americans Win!

Congress, a place of madmen and thieves.

Americans Win!

With the majority of the vote in, it looks like Congress will be divided into a Republican House and a Democratic Senate. What does that mean for America?

We get to win for a change.

A divided Congress is a Congress that is weakened. For Americans, the best thing that can happen for us, is for our Congress to be as close to an even split between all the parties as possible. It keeps a corrupt Congress from strong-arming through legislature on behalf of their lobbyist backers.  Just to clarify, ALL Congressmen are backed by some form of powerful lobby group. Big Tobacco, Big Oil, Big Unions. Everyone on Capitol Hill is in somebody’s pocket.

A while back, I came to a very significant conclusion:

I'm Grumpy because I've been neutered by Congress.

Barack Obama has no balls.

2 years ago, he came forward as the new FDR. He was going to bring us the New 100 Days, and progress America into an age of enlightenment and government reform. He was going to go to Washington and smack down the corrupt political system.

Obama’s problem? Corrupt Political systems are hard to smack down.

Senators serve a term of 6 years. If you get in there and serve just 3 terms, you’ve had almost 2 decades to manipulate and cultivate. Your term in office is old enough to vote for you. You can’t go to Washington and fight the dirty politics without having something truly amazing up your sleeve and a little bit of elephantitis.

In Washington, you’ve got to shank a bitch to get what you need. Obama accomplished a lot, more than any president in my lifetime, I’ll give him that. But even with a Congress full of his own people, he couldn’t get shit done the way he wanted to. Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Tea Partier, it doesn’t matter. Congress has one thing on its agenda:


Usually at the expense of you.

So why was FDR able to get done what he needed to get done? How about Clinton or even W?

That’s an obvious answer: Mafia connections….. or Dick Chenney, who has Satan on a leash in his basement.

Without someone to do the bitch shankin’ (and lets all admit that Biden isn’t gonna shiv nobody), Obama was at the mercy of a corrupt Congress.

What does it all mean now that the world has flipped upside down!?

Well, Congress is now divided, almost evenly, between Democrats and Republicans. They’ll be too busy fighting each other to actively try to maintain their iron-fisted control over the US.

Now, now the real hard ball starts.

The best part, we still don’t know what to expect from our Tea Party Wild Cards.

I’ll be keeping an eye on Rand Paul. I expect a splash there.

After all, I’m secretly still hoping for the Ron Paul Revolution.