National “Coming Out” Day

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Most Facebook meme’s are pretty annoying. How many times a week am I supposed to announced to the world that I love flying Spaghetti Monster, or that I support the soldiers who are suffering from PTSD? I do, both, actually, but don’t really feel the need to exonerate myself on Facebook because of it.

There is one that I’ve been noticing the last couple of days that I did get behind.

This is my current facebook status:

Really this comes straight from my own Facebook. I'm a Facebooker.

Normally, I don’t believe in reposting and memes, but I felt like this one was worthy enough of my Facebook status, and to bump my blog back a week.

You see, today (October 11) is National “Coming Out” Day.

I know that there is some controversy in the recognition of LGBT rights in many places in this world. The US is one of them. The current state of the US isn’t any different than it was from African Americans for most of the 1900s, and believe me, I’m not saying that was cool. What was different, though, was the inherent inability for African Americans to hide who they were. That pushed to issue farther than most people realize. It was nearly impossible to hide the fact that you were black and pretend to be white. It made the fight for equality closer to the forefront.

The issue of LGBT rights is a completely different issue. You can hide that you are gay, and its often easier to do so. You’re not advancing the cause any, though. There is only so much weight that a straight voice carries on the issues of being gay. I don’t know them, I haven’t lived them first hand. It takes a voice of experience to convince those without experience that they are wrong.

You can’t do anything to better the world or yourself if you hide from who you are.

So I say this to you now:

Gay, Straight, Bi, Transgendered, Asexual, Whatever-that-guy-in-the-corner-with-the-socks-is, stop hiding from issues. Stand up, grab your microphone and go out into the world saying, “THIS IS WHO I AM, AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!”

Maybe you’re sitting there right now, reading this, and thinking, if I come out, I’m gonna get beaten and abused.

That might be true. It sucks that in 2010 in America that still happens.

You can’t let fear hold you back.

Not saying what is right, not being honest and open, and not standing up for equality and justice is more damaging to yourself and those around you than any fists or slings can ever be.

Do that which is right.

Let that be your guiding motto.