To thine own self…

This mine own self, horrifying I know.

Normally, before I sit down at the computer and figure out what I want to write about before I write. I keep a to-do list of personal and philosophical topics, I check several different news sites, I look at what’s trending on twitter, and I listen to all of my friends and families grievances of the day, or rather I read them on Facebook. Then, if something sticks out as being interesting, or pique my irritation button, I start to research.

Google is my bitch. I’m all over the internet. I read everything from conservative nazi supremecy blogs to sparkle motion vampire hour. I try to get as many different viewpoints as I can, so I can come forward, educated, rational and unbiased on the new topic.  At least that’s what I tell myself. Really, I either end up finding something I really like, and then read it and send out facebook and twitter updates sending my friends and family there, or I use it to fuel the annoyance into a slow, steady burning ire.

This is how I look when I write. ANGRY!

I like ire.

Normally, that’s what I would do. Instead, tonight. I’ve decided to play with my webcam and make goofy references to my “creative process.” Because, I’m goofy sometimes. Its hard to be angry and goofy… You come off looking like the hulk.

I’m a bit of a spazz. I’m easily distracted by shiny objects, loud noises, yummy food…. Mostly I’m easily distracted by my own brain.

Green represents my ability to focus!

In fact, I often have to take several attempts at each paragraph. I sometimes have to take the dog out and so I have a few minutes to focus my brain back on the task at hand. Which is being opinionated and entertaining at the same time. Wait… what was I saying, tweet deck just went dong!

Oh, right… I remember now. To thine own self! Yeah!

Anyway. This week has been kind of heavy on the discussion front, talking about a lot of big tragic things and scary topics that makes us shake our fists vehemently or tut-tut with our fingers, so I thought I would take a day and try to make everyone laugh.

I promise that tomorrow there will be content for you to devour.