I love to hate Facebook

I love Facebook. I love that I can, at anytime, post whatever I’m thinking so that the world at large, or more accurately my family and loosely remembered nostalgic acquaintances, can see it. I tend to post just about every thought that goes through my brain, unless I don’t want my mom to read it, then it gets twittered (tweeted? twooshed? Twated?).

No, the Facebook is a perfect example of wasted potential in my generation.

We are the first generation on the planet with completely unrestricted access to each others thoughts and ideas, and what do  we talk about more than anything else?


No Seriously, facebook games are like 99% of the feed on any given facebook page. Check it out, go, look for yourself. I’ll be here when you get back…

SEE!? Its madness.

On average, our generation is better educated and more intelligent than all of the generations before us, COMBINED, and yet, we spend all of our time looking at pictures of grammatically challenged felines, or pretending to plant vegetables in our pixelated gardens. I think our social responsibility meter is borked.

I think we should start a group on Facebook, and not one of these, “If this group gets a million members, the President of Zimbabwe will declare it open hunting season on juggalos,” groups, something along the lines of, “Find Your Voice.”

All we do, is create a group, and everyday, we all strive to post one new idea or viewpoint on the group. One wallpost a day, and then we can go back to our Farmville, Qrank, or my personal vice, Desktop Defender.

It’s been a long time since anyone forced any of us to stretch our minds and think. I think maybe we should start forcing each other.

Edit – Created Find Your Voice

Its important that we get comfortable with our own opinions. For the last couple of years, I’ve kept quiet, and denied my own voice to keep from offending others.  I think we worry too much about offending others.  We all want to seem like open minded and cool people, so we don’t ever say anything. One of the lessons I think America needs to learn is not to censor everything it feels.

Freedom of speech is the very first Right. Its a big one.  There is some repsonsibility to its use, but remember, if we don’t use it, we can’t blame anyone else when a poorly built blow-up doll gets placed in charge of the nuclear button… which is nicely hidden inside the mouth on the moose head hanging behind the desk in the oval office.